Monday, August 30, 2010

Sometimes there is only black and white


  1. Your landscapes are fantastic - the sky and the mountains are captivating but the lake is unreal - the shadows, the detail all came out great.

    Where is this? Is it Switzerland?

  2. Thank you -me - I am not so confident with/about my landscapes, really. This is in Austria, Bockhartsee

  3. Thanks for the link to Austria - the hills are alive.

    Landscapes are so hard - aren't they? The best photographers on earth have been taking pictures of landscapes for more than a hundred years. They have more practice. That's one reason I throw my camera in the air and take pictures.

    I still think the lake in this one is awesome. I've never used a tripod nor tried HDR but I think that - these days - it's something I should learn to do (I mean HDR - I'm pretty sure a tripod is easy to master).

  4. Yes, they are. Mostly I blame it on my lens, though ;-). I don't own a really good wide angle lens. But of course, I know, it's not the lens - it's me. Most of my landscape photos are really really boring and I wonder what all the good landscape photographers do .... .

    I don't use a tripod (rarely, only for macros) - it's me who has to schlepp all the gear. And I am not sure if I am patient enough to set up a tripod and and and ... . I am still looking for an affordable light and robust one. So far I use a gorilla pod for macros.

    HDR - real HDR is very nice (I am not patient enough ... ) but I do not like the pseudo HDRs that are in fashion so much. These oversaturated overcontrasted things you see everywhere. Not my cup of tea. I like good and creative post processing, though, like on the Lenola Daily blog, but that's something different.