Tuesday, September 28, 2010



  1. I probably would have chosen the title 'screwed' but dirt is good too. I love the photo - is it a new lens? The light on the threads is neat.

  2. thlol, I would have too perhaps, but: the dark spots you see aren't on your monitor but on the camera's ccd, ;-)
    This photo is almost two years old, but I seldom post macros, they mostly do not work on bwc.

  3. oh - so the dirt that you are referring to is on the camera. I just learned what a ccd is. I really had no idea how the thing worked. I assumed there was a little guy in there painting what he saw very very fast. Little Edward Hopper I call him.

    I cleaned the screen on my laptop too - how did you know there were dark spots of dirt on it?

  4. I was referring to both kinds of dirt: on the screw thread and on the ccd. I didn't realise both until I saw the photo, lol.

    When I was five or six years old I disassembled my father's camera - looking for Edward Hopper I suppose, ;-) (It was a cheap plastic pocket camera, so the disassembling part was easy)

    Regarding the spots on the screen: we could get very rich inventing a self-cleaning computer screen!