Wednesday, January 12, 2011



  1. Maybe 'treasuretrove' would be more adequate than 'crappress'? You do have my admiration, as I am usually struggling to find at least one image per day worth posting.

  2. Markus, Thank you! When I started the bwc blog I made a folder "blog" and browsed the archive. Everything that seemed worth was resized and saved as _name.jpg. After I posted a photo, I deleted the underscore. I thought this a good idea for keeping track of everything. Hahaha. However, this was in 2008. And of course all the while I am still taking photos. And there are still years old underscored jpg's in this folder. Waiting to be posted. But they are too old now to get my attention. That's what this blog was meant for. For all the underscored photos. But I cheat of course ;-). There are some new ones here, too. But really, there are some really bad ones on scrap press.