Sunday, December 4, 2011

on a grey day by donnie mackay

... while I was away searching for blue skies a small package travelled 1712 km ....

... to show me the grey days of the Hebrides.

Donnie's blog photo hebrides was one of the first blogs I started visiting some years ago. He is not only a master of the square format (a format I actually don't like that much - but hey, what are rules without exceptions? And he _is_ a master.) but also a master of cows and sheep and the sea and the mountains and the skies ... and he is a nice and very witty guy, too!
I highly recommend visiting his blog, buying his books, saying Hello to the seagulls, castles and washing lines far up North.

P.S. And I just learned there is Pampas Grass, too ;-)


  1. ... i think the grass came on a holiday and stayed :))

  2. ... seems they have no problem with a little bit of wind at their new home.

  3. Pampas grass is a survivor. We have lots of it here in the hot, humid southern US. Very tough stuff if it lives here and the Hebrides.

  4. James, the dried version of Pampas Grass was very en vogue in German living rooms in the 60'/70's ...

  5. Thanks for that recommendation, Martina. Looks promising.