Sunday, February 5, 2012

taking photos at -7 °C


  1. Why were you outside? -7c? Yikes. I see on our news that all of northern Europe is freezing. Stay warm. We have been blessed with a non-winter here in the States. Today it is 75f or 23C and summer-like even for Florida.

    While you're in, brew some tea, read a bit and add to your blog!!!

    1. Why? Cabin fever! - in fact I had some tea and a hot shower afterwards :-). I only realised the window glass wasn't planar after looking at the photos on the computer - but I thought the effect transports the freezing cold very well.

      But really? It's sooooo coooooooold here! I'll move to Florida - the moment you have scared off all the alligators with your tripod, ;-)

    2. Alligators are actually quite shy. They were almost hunted to extinction here about 30 years ago, for their skin. Then they were protected and have made a miraculous recovery. They differ from crocodiles in two important ways. They are not nearly as aggressive, judging their prey by height, therefore not really wanting to take on standing humans. (From what I have read and seen at our local alligator farm {actually a zoo and breeding facility that has a breeding population of almost every crocodilean in the world} a crocodile judges it's prey by "Can I catch that?). The second difference is their legs. Alligators have their legs to the side like small lizards. By the time they reach a size that would be a threat to us, they aren't very fast on land. Crocodile's legs are more under them like a horses and they are quite fast over a short distance, along with that more aggressive attitude. Glad we have gators here.

      In a lecture I heard at the alligator farm they said that about 20 people a year are killed by crocodiles in Australia and most of those are American tourists, and most of those tourists are from parts of the US that have gators. They get too close. Familiarity breeds lunch!

    3. "Familiarity breeds lunch!" - lol.

      Thanks - very interesting info.