Thursday, March 1, 2012

chasing wild boars with a tripod

James Weekes is a cool guy. When he is not chasing wild boars (and sometimes alligators I've heard) away with his tripod he is an excellent photographer (unlike me as you can see in the photo above - but hey, it's late). I highly recommend visiting his four blogs. He has an excellent taste in food ( I always get hungry looking at his food photos), in the choice of destination  for his vacations (Provence) and in animals (chickens).
And ... he is a really really nice guy. As you can see above, too.


  1. Martina,
    You are far too nice. Thank you for the lovely post. I have been out today putting in the start of a small herb garden near the back door for those times when I need an herb quickly. Spring is in full bore here, all the leaves out, and a yard full of azalea blossoms that will show up on North Florida tomorrow or Monday.

    1. Sigh. Spring. Azalea. Sigh. I am not quite sure right now if the rosemary has survived. Some more weeks to wait around here for spring. Sigh. SIGH.