Hydrantology for Beginners


James Weekes said…
What fun. I'll print it tomorrow. You must be a water sign!
Martina said…
But beware, the photos are 70dpi and resized for the web - not much info left there, ;-). It's always a compromise between looking okay on the web and the file not getting too huge - nobody wants to look at hydrants when he/she has to wait for half an hour to turn a page ... ;-)
No idea about signs, I am a scorpio ... is this a water sign?
James Weekes said…
I have no idea either. I've never been a fan of horoscopes.
We have had our share of water today. A tropical storm (One degree short of a hurricane) formed off our coast and very rudely, immediately came ashore. A lot of much needed rain and a huge branch from a neighbor's tree down in our yard.

The book printed out quite nicely. I love the idea of hidden underground hydrants. I shot a few hydranty objects last week and they'll show up soon.