Love Issue is on paper!

"My future plans include finding people who are interested in photo projects, setting up a platform for Romanian photographers that do projects, introducing international photography galleries to unknown Romanian photographers, developing, editing and creating photography books, helping develop the field of photo projects, which is something of a small niche, because I'm very passionate ... "

Constantin Nimigean in the preface to Love Issue #7

I met Constantin through his blog oitzarisme, a platform in his own words "for educating and promoting contemporary photographic projects from all around the world."

Usually I like nine out of ten photographers and projects he introduces on oitzarisme - that's a high number ...

I highly recommend visiting oitzarisme if you are interested in fresh and meaningful and narrating photography - no instagrammies or pseudo-hdrs or looooooooooong exposed waterfalls over there ;-)

However, when he announced that the next edition of the online magazine he edits, Love Issue, needs 500 pre-orders to get printed for the first time, I didn't have to give it another thought:

Love Issue #7 should be on paper

So - my copies of Love Issue #7 have arrived this week - in perfect condition, no bends, no tears.

From the first announcement in October to me getting my copies it took less than two months. No idea how he managed this :-)

The magazine is very well printed, the paper thick and nice to touch (that's important, eh? ;-)). The projects Constantin chose to include in this edition are interesting as always, nice stuff to read and well translated from the Romanian as far as I can tell (not speaking any Romanian of course and just this second I feel my English is very clumsy - that's why I usually use quotations and don't write articles about photo magazines).

Everyone who like me sometimes want to see photos in print, may it be in books or in magazines: - you can still order:

Love Issue