Hull, Mainz-Gustavsburg, Germany, 2010. Or: Visit Danbury, Connecticut!

If you want to see this photo as a print you have to visit the upcoming show at The Gallery at Still River Editions, 128 East Liberty Street Danbury, Connecticut 06810.
Okay, I know that's a little bit too far away for most of us  - sorry it's such short notice. ;-)
Many sincere thanks to Vito Pasquale who made this possible and of course many thanks to Mark Savoia from Still River Editions. Thank you so much!


Martina said…
Carl went there and even took a photo of my photo :-) nice, eh? He also told me not to quit my day job, grin.
Markus said…
Reasonable approach (not quitting, I mean) - I've a friend who photographs for his living, and his bread job working hours are longer than mine. I guess if you've to slim up brides and grooms etc. it's not much fun any more.
Martina said…
Yes, it's definitely an illusion to think that someone is going to pay someone for happily snapping photos - and the real work? I guess I am a much too introverted person to do the wedding stuff. Besides all the other things, that usually are never fun: bookkeeping, taxes, organisation etc. Same goes for press. That's a hard job nowadays. If it ever had been easy.
James Weekes said…
As a retired wedding photographer, among other photo pursuits, I can say that weddings are a slog. When I did it it was the mother of the bride who you had to please. Not bad. Now those poor photographers have to contend with bride-zillas, drunks with mobile phones who think they can do it better and a demand for video. But....weddings and photographing for craftspeople supported years of happy snapping. Hell, passport pictures paid the rent most months.
Congratulations on having your fine photo hanging in a gallery. About the day job, I've always felt freedom to point my lens at what I want to photograph as an amateur. I only have myself to please. I'm not a portrait photographer, and although I have been an wedding photographer on a few occasions, I only do that as a favor for friends. I'm always glad that I don't do that for a living. Professionals more than earn their money shooting weddings.
Martina said…
Thank you - like I have said in the other blog: it's long over.
The good thing of being an amateur with a day job is clearly that you can suffer from a creative block and feel grumpy and boring and totally uninspired - but the rent is still payed. ;-).