Mal was anderes ... something different #7

Zwei Wochen Gadertal in Südtirol. Ich denke, ich mache mal was neues. Statt die 10 besten Hydranten, die 10 hübschesten Rindviecher oder die 10 mächtigsten Berge aus Südtirol zu posten, zeige ich immer mal wieder die fünf (für mich) interessantesten Fotos eines Tages. Wobei die Chance, dass ein Hydrant oder ein Hausrind oder ein Berg dabei sind, recht groß ist ;-). So geht es bis #14. Oder so. Kameras waren die Sony a850 mit verschiedenen Objektiven, die Sony RX100iii und das Nexus 5. Wer den Unterschied sieht ... ... ;-)

Two weeks in the Gader Valley in South Tyrol. And I decided to do something new. Instead of posting the 10 best hydrants, the 10 cutest cows or the 10 most impressive mountains I will be showing the 5 most interesting (to me) photos of each day. Okay, chances are high there are hydrants or cattle or a mountain involved ;-). Will be going until #14. Or something like that. Cameras used are Sony a850 with different lenses, the Sony RX100iii and the Nexus 5. Who will see the difference ... ... ;-)


I'm assuming Tabacchi is similar to the French Tabac - selling cigarettes, etc? which makes me wonder if the turtle in the picture smokes cigars? Or possibly a distinguished old-fashioned pipe?

But the partially covered rusted metal circle in the ground is even more intriguing to me. I can see it opening in response to a secret magical incantation - and revealing a ladder that leads down to a subterranean realm inhabited by Tyrolean dwarves and elves. And maybe turtles, too.

The anti-car exhaust sign is even cooler.

But there's only one thing missing from this series: the Selfie that you took (you must have taken one!) sitting in the Selfie-Point chair at the Esposiziun - where is it? Will you post it.....please? ;-)
Martina said…
Ah, I have really no idea about the turtle - is it street art? Is it an ad? Yes, it's a cigarette vending machine.
I fear the manhole is closed forever - the Tyrolean dwarves surely have found some other entrance into their dungeons.
I liked the 50's style of the car sign - when did we last see a car like this?
LOL - selfies - I don't like anyone tell me where to take selfies, no! But - I took a lot, will make that into an extra series here on the scrap press when the "something different" series is finished.
Have a nice weekand and thanks a lot for your comments! They are always so cooooool!