Aquarium La Rochelle. Sort of a two hour walk :-)


You had a wonderful and very successful walk, more like a swim, at this aquarium. Love the intimate portraits of the sea life, especially the cuttlefish and nautilus.
James Weekes said…
Lovely series. Loved the cuttlefish and the selfie. What an aquarium. Your career as an animal portraitist continues it's upward spiral.
Martina said…
Thank you! The aquarium in La Rochelle is extremly nice - the visit starts with you standing in a tunnel surrounded by jellyfish. I almost didn't want to leave the entrance. The cuttlefish look like old wise man. I wonder what they were thinking about ;-).
btw I am working on a little book about "seaside tractors" - but it will take some more time - might be something more on the artsy side ;-)
Martina said…
I really wasn't prepared for this (I was not sure if taking photographs was allowed at all) but the little Sony did well. Lot's of light and reflections, scratched glass, murky water and often people standing in my way ;-). Gladfully it was off season so not that many visitors as usual but sometime one had to stand in line. So yes, I am happy with the photos under these circumstances. I also made some movies with the Sony - the camera is really good with movies. NO idea what to do with them - make some kitschy jellyfish dance short movie? ;-)