Wednesday, August 14, 2013

dark cat - minolta rf 500mm f/8 rokkor-x

Some days ago I bought a used Minolta RF 500mm f/8 Rokkor lens. Rokkor-X in the North American market. Thanks to Markus Spring for the info about the sale btw :-). There was neither the time nor the weather (mostly cloudy) to test the lens appropriately (like with tripod and remote control and mirror flip-up and reference lenses and 5 extra kilograms of gear ... yaddayadaayadaa ... okay I am lazy sometimes ...) I simply took it for an after work walk today.

Interesting things happened. Like the photo above which I like quite a lot. It's too dark. Yes. It almost seems post processed. But it's out of the camera and besides the resizing nothing happened to it. Handheld in shutter priority at 1/500 and ISO 400. I really like the "donut" background (more visible in the original file).

Above a 1:1 crop of the original file. Not that bad for the 18th photo I ever took with that lens (no one really wants to see most of the other 47 I took - it's not easy to focus handheld and when the light is really bad). Photo no. 13 is posted on the real blog tonight. Interesting effect there, too.
I like the lens very much. It's fun to do different things - or things different - and to learn again how to get things under control. Or not ;-) More to come ... perhaps.