Just the two of us

One way or the other


walking on the moon

Exploding Weeping Willow

from the windows

marzipankartoffel - punk or fork

Second macro shot

very first macro shot - and this shows ... ?

There was no moon, no stars. Only sky.

October vs. November

Candy / English denomination

Swiss narrow gauges

noise, cold, tightness - the Autoverlad

A gargoyle for -me

I have no idea

Here's looking at you, kid

open and relaxed

and now for something completely different

Something is missing

cœur de bœuf

Don't walk, don't smoke!

Crying rust and graffiti

Metal for Mariann ... and some rust, too

missing throwtographs ...


Gone fishing

Finally: cat content

Sometimes there is only black and white

Sometimes there is colour

Some more landscape ...

A wischiwaschi landscape

We two ...

ROFL tree

Sad tree

Graphic - graphical - graphically

Duck coming ... duck going

Cranes cranes cranes ...

Something and river

Skyline far away

Shadow lion

Number 104 - askew

Too many too sharp trees

Much too kitschy

Cat whatever