International Unlevel Day

1hour. 8°C. High water. Cloudy. Windy. Today.

1hour. -3°C. 5cm snow. Today.

Love Issue is on paper!

Serious mannequins

A hydrant in Paris 2012

Modern French hydrant

cats for -ine

Weihnachtsmänner für Julia aka christmas deco for julia

A chicken for James from Aups

vehicle for TFG (not a duck for daniel ;-))

cats for -ine

SIGMA AF 5,6/400 mm APO in der extrem diesigen Unendlichkeit

SIGMA AF 5,6/400 mm APO Schnelltest im Garten

The Earth is spinning, slowly spinning

A story for Mariann - Willie, the rabbit golfer

Ducks for Daniel ...

Nothing at all.

Hydrant near Villars, Provence

Paris. A Chicken for James. Or not?

Ducks for Daniel - Paris 2012

bike lane puzzles

photos my smartphone took without me